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Forged Golf Iron Guide

Why Use Forged Irons Why Use Forged Irons?

Forged golf irons are those which are shaped out of solid pieces of metal, rather than being cast from a mold. There are many advantages offered by golf irons which have been forged over those which were cast.

What Are Forged Irons What Are Forged Irons?

The better you play the more you begin to think about the differences in your clubs and what will either improve your game more, or what clubs you can now use because you yourself are a better golfer.

Forged Irons Vs Cast Irons Forged Vs Cast - Which Irons Are Best?

There is always heated debate around the clubhouse over which is better forged irons or cast irons. With technology today it can be difficult to even tell the difference between them just by looking.