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What Are Forged Irons

The better you play the more you begin to think about the differences in your clubs and what will either improve your game more, or what clubs you can now use because you yourself are a better golfer. The first thing advancing golfers usually think about as their handicap lowers is a better iron. That thought naturally progresses to forged irons.

In the beginning all irons were forged irons. They started with a piece of metal, usually a carbon steel that is soft enough to be pliable, that was roughly shaped into a club head and then pounded out into the exact shape desired. In the past all forged irons were 'tour' irons, or muscle backs but as technology advanced and the abilities to create more complex irons came along there are all kinds of forged irons now including cavity backs.

Today's forged irons are still created in roughly the same manner as they were in the past. A block of metal is compressed under extreme pressure into the rough shape of the desired head. Once the head is in its general form it is sent to the mill where it is heated and pounded into exact specifications. Final touches are then ground or bored into the head to add cavitybacks, weights, or bars as well as groves in the face to enhance striking performance.

Forged irons are still often made of carbon steel or chrome. Many golfers feel that this gives them a softer feel that allows them to communicate with the ball better. The one thing that remains the same with the forged irons of today and those of years past is that they still have a small sweet spot and are less forgiving. What makes their use a goal for many golfers is that when they have developed a solid swing and steady contact that allows them to find that small target the effects of a good hit are not only felt, they are visible in the performance of the ball.

All of the major golf equipment manufacturers cater to the lower handicap golfer with impressive developments that give mid to low handicap golfers superior performance. TaylorMade, Callaway, and Titelist, are well known for their tour level forged irons. When you are ready to advance your game to include forged irons in your bag make sure to experiment with as many irons possible to be sure you have the perfect fit for your abilities. Many of the smaller companies such as Wilson, and Cleveland will surprise you with their unique developments geared to attract skilled players to their equipment.

A great place to start your search for the perfect forged iron is in our review section. You will find descriptions and opinions on many of the top manufacturers to give you an idea of what might work best in your bag.