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Titleist 712 Forged Irons

The first Titleist clubs came on the market in 2007, however their newest one carries label “712” as we can see in the image. AP stands for "advanced performance" and highlights the efforts of manufacturers of great combination between functionality and appearance. Both irons have high-density tungsten internal weighting in purpose of greatly helping to boost MOI (Moment of inertia), while center of gravity stays the same. That means that CG keeps the distance from the shaft axis. According to Titleist, both sets have been „distinctly upgraded" for further benevolence and higher ball speed.
The 712 AP1 irons clubs are considering as "applying for skilled golfers" and it offers more forgiveness. Unlike the second series, the 712 AP2 irons are marked as clubs for highly skilled golfers. The 712 AP2 are forged.
We can separate them by appearance as well. The AP2 irons have a much squarer profile then AP1 with its traditional shape.
Titleist 712 irons series are equipped with an elastomer-and-aluminum insertion on the rear of the clubhead, in the cavity. It should make the better sound and improve feel at impact.
A little comparison with previous AP’s models: 712-AP1 has a 4% of increase in MOI and considerably shorter blade lengths. 712-AP2 is a 7% higher in MOI and has constant blade length.
New AP irons from Titleist - AP1 and AP2 sets - are coming in November under the 712 Series Monicker. The Titleist 712 Series irons are due to hit retail on Nov. 18, 2011, with the AP1 set's MSRP at $112 per club with steel shafts and $135 per club with graphite shafts; and the AP2 set's MSRP at $154/$175 (steel/graphite) per club.

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